What makes us, us?

We are a church that intentionally wants everyone to Behold, Enjoy, and Pursue Jesus! We aren’t interested in just existing; we are interested in a real Jesus and what that means.

We intentionally Behold the person and work of Jesus. He is real! He is beautiful! God wired us to know Him personally, so we deliberately want to see the person and work of Jesus and what that means.

As you see Jesus, you will Enjoy Him! We should find joy through the graces of being “in Christ”! It is a wonderful thing to be forgiven, to have a new heart, to have peace with God, to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit, along with many other truths! When we enjoy all of the truths the Bible reveals of our relationship in Christ, we can find personal value and worth, discover meaning in life, and have ultimate satisfaction!

And wouldn’t that drive you to Pursue Him more? We will want to dive into the Scriptures to behold more in our worship and studies. We will deliberately fellowship with others that are also enjoying Jesus. And, we will want others to pursue Jesus!

That’s us. This is our mission statement, our core values, and vision. It fuels our love, obedience, worship, and evangelism. Jesus is real and we truly believe it.

Got Questions?

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